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DigiRadio is a small application that allows the ASUS Digimatrix FM Radio to be tuned to FM and AM Frequencies from myHTPC, the command line or a windows shortcut. The application may be run multiple times, but only one instance will run, performing radio tuning.

Update: 18-May-04 New Version (1.1). If launched from within myHTPC, DigiRadio will remain invisible and will not change the focus away from myHTPC. This permits navigation to continue in myHTPC using a remote control (not previously possible without a mouse click). Also fixes minor problem when calling with the 'EXIT' parameter when not already running.

Update: 20-May-04 New Version (1.2) Adds support for an On Screen Display (OSD) using Samurize (www.samurize.com) or any other tool or program that can read a text file. Whenever a frequency selection is made, the text file digiradiostatus.txt will be created in the same folder as digiradio.exe. For details, see tech stuff below!

WARNING: DigiRadio will ONLY work on the ASUS DigiMatrix PC. It also requires that the special version of Intervideo HomeTheatre supplied with the Digimatrix is already installed (this is because it uses some of the included DLL's to access the radio tuner). These DLL's are not included in the download, because they are copyrighted.








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DigiRadio is freeware. I have tested it only on my own Digimatrix. No warranty, support or liability
is implied. Use it at your own risk!

DigiRadio is available from www.thebytefoundry.com/digiradio. (this web site). Please do not post to other web sites (I will be posting any updates to this location also)

Tech Stuff (Also Included in Readme.txt file in download)

DigiRadio takes a single command line parameter, specifying the frequency to tune to. Once launched it will tune to that frequency and start playing.

Optionally this begins with 'F' or 'A' (indicating FM or AM)

If neither A or F is specified, the radio will attempt to tune to the new frequency on the current band (which may not work).

If no parameter is specified, the digiradio will start at the last frequency & band used.

To shut down the radio, use the parameter 'EXIT'.


A1010             - Tunes to AM 1010 Khz
A1539            - Tunes to AM 1539 Khz
F102.9            - Tunes to FM 102.9 Mhz
F88.9            - Tunes to FM 88.9
103.2            - Attempts to tune to 103.2,on current band (will only work if current band is FM)
EXIT            - Closes digiradio, leaving silence

On Screen Display (OSD)

Whenever a new frequency is selected the file digiradiostatus.txt will be updated. The file is located in the same folder as digiradio.exe.  The file will contain the following, line by line.



WNPR Connecticut Public Radio (New Haven)

Samurize can use this file to display the information on screen (over any other applications, including myHTPC in almost any format or font you can imagine!

The <description> will be looked up from a config file digiradiostations.txt, also located in the same folder as digiradio.exe. Each line should hold a frequency identifier, beginning with A or F to indicate the band [WARNING - DO NOT INCLUDE TRAILING ZEROS]

After the freqency identifier, the remainder of the line is considered the station descriptor. An example of digiradiostations.txt is included in this zip file. Also included is a sample Samurize config file digiradio.ini  (see www.samurize.com for details of the free utility to use this - it's awesome!)